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The Sons Redemption

The Sons Redemption.jpg

Two young princes were given everything they could ask for but there was only one rule their father, the King, commanded. The rule was to never leave the kingdom. The King went on a trip and left his sons behind. The two princes came across two boys who drew them outside the kingdom. What will become of the two princes?

One word describes this book…EXCEPTIONAL! When I finished reading “The Son’s Redemption,” I was overwhelmed with excitement. For me, it was like a bright light shinning in a dark world. This story of obedience vs. disobedience, consequences and forgiveness, provides a positive life lesson; and it’s written in such as way that it’s bound to spark curiosity and discussion. The colorful graphic designs are absolutely outstanding and mirrors the text perfectly. I will recommend to everyone I know with children or grandchildren! Thank you, Ashley, for this incredible book.

M. Miles

Purchased for some families. Can’t wait to read and share. Will be sure to share my thoughts after. The book has certainly wet my appetite and sparked my interest.

C.  Cross

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