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Are you ready to promote
your music?


Receive an interview on the WONI MUSIC BOX.

Talk to the WONI listeners and expose your latest song or songs on this program that airs on Wednesdays.

How about a music release interview to coordinate with a new song release? We can play your interview before the release date which is usually on a Friday. This is when most iTunes releases happen.

Let our listeners know about your performance dates ANYWHERE in the US. We have listeners in many countries outside the US.

Just contact us a few weeks before the concert date or release date to make sure it is coordinated properly.

Contact us by text at 214-607-2575.

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WONIRadio Push|Play

PUSH-PLAY is a promotional feature on WONI and KBRW that helps an artist promote one to three songs from a single or album that is currently in rotation on WONI or KBRW.

PUSH-PLAY also gives the artist the opportunity to add a short recorded message or monologue describing the song or songs, which encourages listeners to listen to the WONIRadio affiliate stations that the music is being played on; informing them where they can purchase "YOUR" music and let listeners know they can immediately download and purchase "YOUR" music directly from the WONI MUSIC PLAYER on the WONIRadio App or from the music player on the WONIRadio website, to the artist page on iTunes. WONIRadio is an iTunes and Apple Music affiliate. Your listeners can download the WONIRadio App by going to or by linking the link HERE.

Listen to a sample PUSH-PLAY broadcast here.


Promote your music by purchasing a block or two blocks of airtime spots for your music on WONI. Feature one of your songs and include a monologue describing the song and telling the WONIRadio listeners where to purchase your music. Choose which block of time to feature and promote your music.

WONI Block A - Morning: [5 slots per day] $5.00

2:30am, 4:30am, 6:30am, 11:30am & 12:30pm.

Sunday through Thursday.

WONI Block B - Evening: [5 slots per day] $5.00

2:30pm, 5:30pm, 7:30pm, 9:30pm & 11:30pm.

Sunday through Thursday.

5 days for one block is $25.00.


2 blocks for 5 days = $40.00 [ a $10 discount] .


***Monthly payments are accepted. Contact us for promotion details and  by texting us at 214-607-2575 or email us at


Expose and promote your business, music or ministry in the WONI Market Place on the WONI Radio App. Embed your website or image with a backlink to your social media.

When you expose your business on the WONIRadio App, you have the opportunity to reach 6,000+ listeners and growing.

Your WONIRadio listeners will have easy access to see and/or buy your product, music or service.

Basic Package

Ad spots are $5.00 a month; billed monthly.

(Save $10.00 when you purchase 12 months for only $50.00.) 

Exclusive Package

Ad Spots for 12 months - $50.00


An audio commercial on WONI that runs for 12 months for a onetime payment of $50.00. Total package: $100.00

Computer Work

Promote Your

SoundTrack Media Promotions and WONIRadio have something special for you.

Get a promotional video and an mp3 audio commercial for only $249.00.

Promote your video commercial on YouTube and any social media platform including WONIRadio's Facebook and Twitter page. Audio & video commercial may be between 30 to 60 seconds, depending upon the wording content and the of the production.

Your audio commercial will play on WONI and will be placed on the WONI webpage; then uploaded to our YouTube channel and the link will be placed in the WONI MARKET PLACE section on the WONI Music App.

Your family, friends and WONI listeners will be able to view, like, share and subscribe to your YouTube Page via the WONI Music App.


Optional financing is available.

Get Played
On Spotify

WONIRadio has playlists on The playlists are:

WONI Contemporary Truth Music

WONI - Smooth Brew

KBRW - "K-KBREW" Truth Music

KRBN - Afro Euro Caribbean Truth Music

KONI - Inspiring The Heart - Made For The Soul - Instrumental Jazz

We will add your music to one or more playlists depending upon your style or genre.

Just let us know if you are on Spotify and we will add you.

Businessman on Phone

The WONIRadio

Tell all of your fans, friends and social media contacts to sign up for the WONIRadio Newsletter by going to the WONIRadio website and click on the words, "JOIN THE WONI COMMUNITY"; then complete the form to receive our HTML email Newsletter.

Your fans can buy your music, products and can be directed to your YouTube channel, your website and any social media platform.

You will also receive the newsletter and be able to send it to anyone and everyone that you want to promote your music to.

Upload your personal email list and we will send the WONIRadio Newsletter to them as well.

This is a great way to maximize your audience reach!!

The WONI App

The WONI App is connected to ALL of the WONIRadio affiliate stations. Download the WONI APP from the WONIRadio website and have everyone you know do the same. There are currently over 6,000 listeners from all over the world who listen to the stations on the WONI App. Get the WONI APP at:

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Website Mockup

Community Calendar

Place your event image and information on WONIRadio's main page. We can also provide a link to where our listeners can learn more about your event or performance and where they can purchase tickets.


Text us for details at 214-607-2575.


Additional HORIZONTAL BANNERS placed on WONI is $30.00 a month (30 days).

Send your images, links and text to

Pricing for HORIZONTAL BANNERS on WONIRadio with individual rotating images or any special imaging is secured by contacting WONIRadio via email at

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